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4K Surveillance
When security matters for your business, ensure you have the right surveillance system in place should you ever need it. is at the forefront of Video Security and cater our systems to our customers needs. When details matters and clarity is paramount, you'll know you made the right choice with our 4K systems.
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Access Control

Dallas Surveillance offers the most advanced Cloud Based Access Control and Biometrics. How can people have freedom to come and go without compromising the security of an area? Access Control answers this question by letting you determine who can enter and exit an area, and what level of access they will have inside.

These newer systems allow a manager to lock and unlock doors automatically, and to track and document which individuals went where, and when. That information is highly valuable if the need arises to review and investigate a security incident.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)


We provide all-in-one artificial intelligent Video Analytics solutions for on-premise, private-, public- and hybrid-cloud security and smart city applications. These include: 

  • Face Recognition

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Intrusion Detection

  • AI Counting

  • Abnormality Detection

  • Fire Detection

  • Weapon Detection

  • AI Statistics - Heatmap

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